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Celebrate Your Union with a Buzzing Cannabis Wedding: Unveiling the Top Secrets

Get Ready for the Ultimate Nuptial Celebration with These Spirited and Innovative Ideas

Evoke an atmosphere of vibrant elegance and joyful celebration as you enter the revolutionary world of cannabis weddings. This enthralling journey promises fun and excitement and a beautiful bonding experience for everyone involved. Set the stage for a monumental occasion where love meets vibrant innovation with Grow and Share. Start planning your wedding and craft a bouquet of cherished memories with these unparalleled and festive ideas!

1. Revolutionize Your Wedding Invitations

Kickstart your festivities with a bang by dispatching wedding invites that surprise and delight. Imagine the thrill of your guests as they receive a wedding invitation embedded with cannabis seeds, a creative twist that promises future blooming adventures. At Grow and Share, not only can you swap strains to find the perfect seeds for your invitations, but you can also cultivate a community of fellow enthusiasts who share in your joy and excitement, creating a beautiful metaphor for your blossoming marriage.

2. Exquisite Cannabis Wedding Favours

Gift your guests an unforgettable token of appreciation - personalized cannabis wedding favors. Choose from a selection of strains that have been carefully curated to evoke special memories or laughter shared with your partner. Here’s a tantalizing sneak peek into the alluring strains that you might want to consider:

  1. Wedding Cake: Step into a world of euphoria with Wedding Cake, a high-THC content strain that beautifully combines fruity, earthy notes with a hint of vanilla, offering an intoxicating blend of pleasure and relaxation.

  2. Wedding Pie: Experience the unmatched sweetness of Wedding Pie, a glorious concoction of grape and berry flavors with light spice undertones. This strain promises a calming high, wrapping you in a cocoon of bliss and tranquility.

  3. Black Cherry Punch: Surrender to the powerful embrace of Black Cherry Punch, a strain that delights with a symphony of fruity cherry notes, spicy florals, and woody pine. Get ready for a euphoric journey that promises happiness and relaxation.

3. Delectable Cannabis-Infused Treats

Elevate your wedding menu with an exquisite selection of cannabis-infused treats that promise to tantalize taste buds and create unforgettable memories. Delight in the smooth textures of Salted Caramel Chocolate Squares or indulge in the fruity sensation of Midnight Blueberry CBN Soft Chews, each offering a unique sensory experience.

4. Hire a Mobile Budtender

Upgrade your wedding celebration with a mobile budtender, a savvy expert who will guide your guests through a curated selection of cannabis products, turning your wedding into an educational and delightful experience.

5. Designate a Revolutionary "Flower" Girl

Break traditions with a modern and vibrant touch by appointing an adult “flower” girl who distributes or even playfully tosses cannabis flowers, bringing a joyful and festive spirit to your wedding day.

6. Floral Decorations with a Twist

Collaborate with Dani, the mastermind behind "The High Florist", a genius in crafting cannabis-infused floral designs that will transform your venue into a paradise. Her expertise and creativity will add a touch of sophistication and modernity to your celebration. Find her masterpieces on Instagram at

The Perfect Destination for Your Cannabis Wedding Supplies

Embark on your wedding preparations with Grow and Share, your one-stop destination to find perfect strains without breaking the bank. Save immensely by swapping strains you’ve grown or bought with ones other members cherish. Plus, introduce your single groomsmen and bridesmaids to Smokin'Singles, a vibrant platform to find like-minded cannabis enthusiasts to accompany them to your celebration.

Enhance your cannabis-themed wedding with products from the legendary Island Smoke in Trenton, Ontario. Here, find an array of strains, edibles, and even exquisite gifts, such as the much sought-after My Bud Vases, making your wedding a grand event to remember.


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