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Greece's Unexpected Twist: Sheep's Cannabis Feast Post-Storm Daniel Devastation

A Summer's Wrath: Greece's Consecutive Natural Disasters

Greece, renowned for its rich history and enchanting landscapes, was battered by a relentless series of natural calamities this summer. Heatwaves, wildfires, and ultimately, the ravages of extreme flooding, decimated large swathes of its beloved farmlands. The aftermath? Countless livestock left wandering, their usual sustenance obliterated, searching for anything to quell their hunger.

Of Sheep and Surprise Harvest: The Cannabis Meal

One Monday morning, amid the devastation, a peculiar story began to unravel. A herd of sheep, driven by hunger and desperation, discovered a substantial cannabis crop. To the amazement of locals and farmers alike, they devoured significant portions of it, leading to some unmistakably strange antics. This cannabis stash, nestled near the idyllic town of Almyros, had already been beleaguered by the earlier heatwave and Storm Daniel's fury. Insights revealed how the sheep, roaming the waterlogged plains of Thessaly, stumbled upon this greenhouse and consumed an astounding 100kg of the cannabis remnants. The despondent crop owner, reeling from one disaster after another, described the situation as a rollercoaster of emotions due to the heatwave, floods, and now this unexpected feast.

Storm Daniel: Thessaly's Catastrophe by Numbers

The monstrous Storm Daniel, a testament to nature's might, held Thessaly hostage for a harrowing three days. Amid this adversity, Greece's Unexpected Twist was its unwavering spirit and resilience. The devastation submerged cities, led to the tragic deaths of approximately 100,000 animals, and claimed 17 human lives, marking it as Greece's most severe rainstorm since 1930. The dark clouds of this storm loomed even more ominously following a summer marred by heartbreaking wildfires.

Climate Change's Real-time Impact: A Nation's Call to Action

The toll on Greece's agricultural sector has been severe. Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, recognizing the gravity of the situation, emphasized the daunting challenges climate change is thrusting upon the nation. Committed to action, his administration is charting out expansive relief measures, aimed at providing succor to those ensnared in these tragic natural onslaughts.


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