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Trailblazers in Pioneering Cannabis Craftsmanship: A Close Look at KIVA, El Blunto, and the Flowery

In the ever-growing cannabis market, these three stand head and shoulders above the rest. Immerse yourself in the stories, stats, and secrets behind the three top cannabis brands gracing the U.S: KIVA, The Flowery, and El Blunto.

KIVA: Setting the Gold Standard

Exquisite KIVA chocolate bars offering a perfect blend of fine cocoa and premium cannabis, a symbol of taste and quality.
The Pinnacle of Cannabis Infused Delights: KIVA Chocolate Bars

A brainchild of the dynamic duo Scott and Kristi Palmer, KIVA emerged from a humble kitchen experiment to the nation's leading edible brand. With over 400 ardent professionals, KIVA has been a trailblazer in ensuring potency, consistency, and safety in the cannabis industry.

Innovation and Sustainability at its Core

KIVA has charmed consumers with its premium quality products and demonstrated a profound commitment to sustainability. The transition to 100% biodegradable packaging and collaborations with organizations like Weed for Warriors showcase KIVA's dedication to community welfare and environmental conservation.

The Kiva Cares Project: A Compassionate Initiative

Taking a step further in its commitment to the community, the KIVA Cares Project aims to eradicate cannabis waste and facilitate the distribution of viable cannabis products to medical patients at no cost.

El Blunto: The Epitome of Pioneering Cannabis Craftsmanship

The El Blunto cannabis lineup, an epitome of craftsmanship and quality, showcasing a variety of premium cannabis products with utmost finesse.
El Blunto's Exclusive Range: A Canvas of Quality and Craftsmanship

El Blunto stands as a testament to the refined craftsmanship and quality inherent in the world of cannabis. Nestled within the realms of Albert Einstone’s Cannabis Co., El Blunto takes pride in offering limited quantity batches, emphasizing premium quality over mass production.

Revolutionizing Cannabis Craftsmanship

By integrating age-old techniques from historic cigar-rolling traditions, El Blunto promises a superior experience through its meticulously crafted products. With strains and collaborations that are eagerly awaited and swiftly sold out, El Blunto has carved a niche for itself in California, Arizona, Nevada, and Michigan markets.

The Flowery: Flourishing Against All Odds

The sleek storefront of the Flowery, a beacon of innovation and community connection in the heart of Miami's vibrant cannabis scene.
A Glimpse of Elegance and Innovation: The Flowery's Sleek Storefront

At the heart of Miami's vibrant cannabis cultivation scene lies the Flowery, Florida’s singular family-owned cannabis dispensary, a beacon of resilience and growth amid corporate giants.

Growing Up and Standing Tall

The Flowery, nestled in the lush farmlands of Homestead, mirrors a cannabis wonderland where a staggering 20,000 marijuana plants are cultivated at any given time. This Miami-owned, family-operated medical marijuana venture takes pride in overseeing every stage of cannabis production, from seed to sale, a feat mandated by Florida’s vertical integration rule.

Despite the escalating presence of cannabis behemoths like Trulieve and Surterra Wellness, the Flowery has held its ground, expanding yet preserving its familial ethos. They are in the throes of a significant expansion, moving into more extensive facilities and onboarding high-profile industry executives, all while nurturing their “family vibe.”

Committed to the Cause

With roots grounded in compassion and a deep-seated commitment to serving the community, the Flowery emerged from a collaboration with Steve Garrison of Bill’s Nursery. This venture was fueled by the belief in the healing potentials of medical cannabis, a belief hardened by personal tragedy and the struggle to obtain a license to grow medical marijuana.

Innovation and Expansion

As it prepares to inaugurate its first brick-and-mortar dispensary in June, the Flowery promises a high-end, immersive experience characterized by vibrant neon lights, self-ordering kiosks, and hidden product sections offering a speakeasy vibe. In its journey from an underdog to a burgeoning powerhouse, the Flowery maintains a steadfast focus on quality over quantity, with plans to unveil new flavors and products, including edibles and solventless hash.


As we traverse the dynamic landscape of the cannabis industry, it becomes inherently clear that companies like KIVA, El Blunto, and the Flowery are not just purveyors of cannabis products but are pioneers in cannabis craftsmanship. These brands are responsible for elevating the industry standards, ensuring that every consumer is privy to products that are not just superior in quality but are born from ethics and sustainability.


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