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Marijuana Prices Around the World: A Global Cannabis Price Guide

Exploring the Varied Costs of Marijuana Across the Globe

Are you curious about the prices of marijuana in different countries? Planning a trip and wondering if you should purchase locally? Understanding marijuana prices worldwide is essential, whether you're a traveler seeking to make an informed choice or just curious about the global cannabis market. In this guide, we delve into the factors that influence cannabis prices in different nations, from legality to cultural influences and more. Let's embark on a journey to discover the fascinating world of marijuana pricing.

Navigating Legal and Cultural Influences

Before exploring specific prices, it's crucial to understand that cannabis laws and cultural acceptance differ significantly from country to country. To avoid any legal issues while traveling, make sure you're well-informed about the local laws regarding marijuana consumption and sales.

Legalization status plays a significant role in determining marijuana prices. In regions where marijuana is cultivated locally, prices tend to be lower. Conversely, in countries that rely on imports, prices can skyrocket, especially when importing from distant nations. The type of strain can also significantly impact prices, with some strains commanding premium rates.

UNODC Report: A Starting Point for Pricing

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has compiled data on the average prices of marijuana on the black market in various countries. While we don't condone illegal activities, this data provides a valuable starting point for understanding marijuana pricing trends. The expansion of legal cannabis markets tends to decrease black market activity, promoting higher product quality and affordability.

Exploring Global Cannabis Price Guide

 A vibrant cannabis leaf image with prices based on various currencies, illustrating the global cannabis price landscape.
Cannabis Leaf with Global Cannabis Price Guide

Top 3 Most Expensive Countries (in Canadian Dollars per Gram):

  1. United Emirates - Topping the list as the most expensive place globally, with an average price of approximately 170.02 CAD per gram.

  2. Brunei - A bit more affordable than the United Emirates, at around 114.11 CAD per gram.

  3. Japan - In third place, with a price of about 105.79 CAD per gram.

Countries with High Marijuana Prices (in Canadian Dollars per Gram):

  • Cyprus - The most expensive European destination, averaging around 58.49 CAD per gram.

  • Estonia - Offering a more affordable option at about 37.14 CAD per gram.

  • Finland - Prices drop further, with an average of approximately 34.34 CAD per gram.

  • Singapore - Marijuana costs around 32.78 CAD per gram.

  • Norway - Just a few cents less than Singapore, at roughly 32.69 CAD per gram.

  • Ecuador - Rounding up the list with prices at about 29.81 CAD per gram.

Top 10 Cheapest Countries (in Canadian Dollars per Gram):

  1. India - The cheapest place to buy marijuana globally, at just about 0.13 CAD per gram.

  2. South Africa - Not far behind, with prices at approximately 0.15 CAD per gram.

  3. Guatemala, Nigeria, and Kenya - All tied for third place, selling marijuana for about 0.30 CAD per gram.

  4. Brazil - Offering affordability at around 0.45 CAD per gram.

  5. Colombia - One gram can be found for just about 0.59 CAD.

  6. Dominican Republic - Prices remain low, with an average of roughly 0.74 CAD per gram.

  7. Haiti - Selling one gram for about 0.89 CAD.

  8. China - The most expensive on the cheapest list, at around 1.19 CAD per gram.

  9. Special Mention: Spain - Spain sits at number 32 on the list of cheapest countries for buying marijuana, with an average black market price of approximately 6.79 CAD per gram.


In conclusion, comprehending the costs of marijuana in different countries is paramount for travelers and individuals intrigued by the global cannabis market. Remember that while these prices offer valuable insights, they are not official pricing lists. Always prioritize adherence to local laws and regulations when purchasing and enjoying cannabis, guided by the information within the Global Cannabis Price Guide.


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