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Sweet Innovation: The Rise of Cannabis-Infused Maple Sugar with Manna's Jens Meyers

A vibrant array of Manna products elegantly displayed, showcasing the rich variety of cannabis-infused maple sugar products, embodying innovation and quality in the cannabis edibles market.
Discover the sweetness of innovation with Manna!

Canada's bold stride toward cannabis legalization has unleashed a wave of innovation in the industry. Jen Meyers, the woman behind Manna, a unique cannabis-infused maple sugar, is Pioneering these advancements. With her hands-on approach and commitment to quality, Jen is set to redefine the cannabis edibles industry, one sweet serving at a time.

The Genesis of Manna

Jens's roots lie in construction and craftsmanship, where she learned the value of manual work. This hands-on spirit was the seed that blossomed into the creation of Manna. In 2015, Jen faced a challenge: her father, newly diagnosed with bladder cancer, requiring a safe, simple, easy, and flexible way to consume Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). As a result, she developed a cannabis-infused maple sugar in her kitchen, which became Manna.

Making a Statement in the Cannabis-Infused Maple Sugar Market

Manna sets itself apart from other cannabis products through its unique blend of versatility and simplicity. Jen's experience in the cannabis industry, tracing back to the late 90s in British Columbia and Alberta, has played a vital role in shaping Manna. With access to high-quality materials and an intimate understanding of the community, Jen has crafted a product allowing users to create premium, consistent edibles.

Tackling the Challenges

Introducing Manna to the market was anything but smooth sailing. Describing the experience, Jens quips, "They are not hurdles so much as a continuous line of flaming hoops and moats filled with crocodiles." However, with patience, perseverance, and unwavering support from her family, especially her husband and business partner, Jens navigated these challenges to success.

A Focus on Quality and Consistency

Regarding production, Jen focuses keenly on the quality of the inputs and processes to deliver an outstanding product. Manna strives to stay as close to the cannabis plant as possible, integrating minimal processes and ingredients into their product.

Manna in Your Daily Life

Manna embodies the perfect fusion of creativity and practicality. Whether it's enhancing your morning tea or coffee, baking cookies, or spreading on homemade crumpets, Manna can seamlessly infuse into any culinary creation. As Jen remarks, "The only limitation to this is your imagination."

The Regulatory Tightrope

Launching a cannabis product involves tackling a complex web of regulations. Jen shares that the overwhelmingly positive feedback they received from early testers at conferences was validating and deeply gratifying, making all the effort worthwhile.

Safety Above All

Safety is a paramount concern for Manna. Unlike traditional candy-based edibles, Manna is an ingredient promoting intentional use. This inherent characteristic creates a safer environment for consumers.

Manna's Debut on the OCS

The impending launch of Manna on the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) stirs up a whirlwind of emotions. For Jens, it signifies the culmination of years of relentless effort and the thrilling opportunity to introduce her creation to her former community.

The Road Ahead for Manna

Jens envisages Manna in every pantry of discerning cannabis fans, chefs, and athletes worldwide. She's keen to develop more ingredients, all the while sharing two of Canada's finest exports – maple and cannabis, with the international market.

A Word of Advice

Jen's advice for those aspiring to enter the cannabis industry is straightforward yet powerful: "Get in and Hold on!"

The Essence of Manna

For Jens, Manna is not just a product; it's a personal journey. It symbolizes her past, present, and future. It's her chance to share and legitimize her experiences with the world, spreading love and inspiration with every package.

In a nutshell, Manna represents more than a unique cannabis infusion. It narrates a story of love, craftsmanship, and resilience that is bound to resonate with cannabis enthusiasts and the larger community. With entrepreneurs like Jens Meyers leading the way, the future of the cannabis industry seems both intriguing and inspiring.


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