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Industry Innovators Spotlight: A Candid Conversation with Nick Baksh of Montrose

Nick Baksh, the relentless and hardworking owner of Montrose, embodies the spirit of hustle that has propelled his brand to prominence.
Nick Baksh of Montrose

Dive into this week's edition of "Industry Innovators Spotlight," where we have the distinct pleasure of featuring Nick Baksh, the visionary founder of Montrose, an illustrious and award-winning cannabis retail store nestled in the vibrant heart of Pickering, Ontario.

A Candid Dialogue with a Cannabis Industry Pioneer

Stepping into the thriving cannabis sector in 2014 was more than a business decision for Nick; it was a strategic move to diversify his income streams as the cost of living in Canada threatened to escalate drastically. This entrepreneurial journey has enabled Nick to carve a niche in the dynamic and ever-growing cannabis industry, a venture characterized by innovation, resilience, and foresight.

Navigating the Complex Terrain of Cannabis Marketing

Despite the sector's booming prospects, Nick admits to grappling with significant hurdles, particularly in aligning digital assets to the whirlwind of product launches that characterize the industry. With a staggering 2000-3000 new products gracing the market each year, he asserts that Licensed Producers (LPs) need to up their game in crafting more compelling and extensive digital assets to bolster retailer efforts.

Championing a Break from Conventional Marketing Constraints

Firm in his convictions, Nick Baksh advocates for a seismic shift in the marketing landscape governing the cannabis sector. In his eyes, it's time to discard the restrictive marketing norms that stifle brand potential, urging companies to seize the initiative to let their brands radiate brilliance and uniqueness, reshaping industry standards.

Industry Innovators Spotlight: Decoding the Secret to Successful Cannabis Marketing

Drawing upon his wealth of experience, Nick has discerned that hosting boat cruises adorned with culinary delights, refreshing beverages, and an electrifying ambiance has emerged as the golden ticket to connecting with consumers, especially amidst splendid weather. He emphasizes the critical relationship dynamics between LPs and retailers, urging LPs to nurture this bond to witness a surge in brand market share and conversion rates.

The Torchbearers of Montrose's Evolution

At the helm of Montrose's metamorphosis are the remarkable women steering its various departments. Rejecting the conventional 'budtender' label, these professionals are revolutionizing the company's trajectory with their roles as e-commerce managers, operations managers, product associates, and more. Through their relentless efforts, they are sculpting the future of Montrose, iterating it into an industry behemoth.

Embarking on a Cannabis Marketing Odyssey: A Golden Nugget of Advice

For aspiring marketers eager to venture into the cannabis industry's buzzing landscape, Nick offers a golden nugget of wisdom: "Dive in with an indomitable spirit and fervor, ready to make waves and disrupt the norm. There's no room for half-measures here; come prepared to blaze a trail reminiscent of the pioneering spirit of yesteryears."

In this electrifying narrative filled with insights and pearls of wisdom, Nick Baksh stands as a beacon of innovation and audacity, inspiring a new wave of entrepreneurs ready to conquer the cannabis industry's exhilarating frontier.

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